Casualty Information

Select Casualty Information category in the matrix below

Hull and equipment Propulsion Other mach. and syst. / el / instr Cargo / ballast / bilge syst. Miscellaneous areas All areas
Fire / explosion Old Old Old Old Old Old
Machinery damage None Old Old None None Old
Structural damage Old None Old Old Old Old
Miscellaneous damages Old Old Old Old Old Old
All damages Old Old Old Old Old Old

Compilation of past issues

Scans of earlier issues have been compiled and the document is available as pdf (large file, 67MB+)


The purpose of Casualty Information is to provide the marine industry with 'lessons to be learned' from incidents of ship damage and more serious accidents. In this way Det Norske Veritas AS hopes to contribute to the prevention of similar occurrences in the future. The information included is not necessarily restricted to cover ships classed with DNV and is presented, without obligation, for information purposes only. Queries may be directed to Det Norske Veritas AS, Maritime Services, Classification Support, N-1322 Høvik, Norway, fax: +47 67 57 99 11. E-mail:

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