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This section provides you with guidance on usage of 'DNV Class Information' to help you easily obtain the reports and information that you need.

Help will be given on the general usage of the menus/screens etc, and then specific examples of 'How to ...' for frequently needed reports etc.


General Usage
Abbreviations Used - Glossary

How to...
Open the 3D Navigator
Print out a class status report
View a DNV checklist to prepare for a survey
See any Conditions of class on a vessel and view their content
How to include conditions of class in the graphical survey schedule

General Usage

  • The class status for surveys etc on a selected vessel is highlighted by means of coloured indicator lamps with meanings as shown:


(Red) Overdue


(Yellow) Due /warning (within  time window or within 3 months of due date)

Not due

(Green) Not due

Not Applicable

(Grey) Not Applicable
  • Headings etc shown underlined generally provide the link by clicking on their name to that particular feature. For example in the class Status screen, Certificates, Surveys, CC/MO and CMS are shown on 'tabs' Once a tab is selected it loses its underline. So in the example to the right, Surveys are selected, and Conditions of class and  Memos are available by clicking on CC/MO
ClassStatusTabs.jpg (4863 bytes)
  • Where the screen has an empty region at the bottom, it is generally there to display information from a selection elsewhere in the screen. For example in the Survey Schedule, if you click on a survey name, the details of that surveys due dates, time window etc will be displayed, without having to leave the survey schedule.
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  • In the 'Survey Schedule' the colours of the symbols used are the same as those shown in the class status above, with the following additional details:
    Blue colour: Carried out
    Diamond symbol: Fixed date, e.g. expiry of certificate, or date survey carried out.
    Bar symbol: Displays graphically the time window in which forthcoming survey may be carried out.
    Vertical dashed line: Displays current date on schedule


HelpClassStatusSchedulesymb.jpg (8133 bytes)

Abbreviations Used - Glossary


  • CC: Condition of Class
  • CA: Condition of Authorities
  • CMS: Continuous Machinery Surveys
  • ESP: Enhanced Survey Programme
  • GMDSS: Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
  • ID: DNV Vessel Identification Number
  • IMONO: International Maritime Organisation Vessel identification number
  • IOPP: International Oil Pollution Prevention
  • interm / intm: Intermediate
  • ISM: International Safety Management
  • LBP: Length between perpendiculars
  • LOA: Length overall
  • MO: Memo to Owners
  • Ren.: Renewal
  • SMC: Safety Management Certificate
  • T-: Time window before due date (months)
  • T+: Time window after due date (months) 

Survey and Continuous Machinery Items etc:

When quoted, relevant desription codes should have explanatory description found alongside. e.g.
ME Main Diesel Engine
ALI Crankshaft Alignment

Identification and Positioning of multiple components is described using the following codes

General Positioning

  • F: Forward
  • A: Aft
  • P: Port
  • S: Starboard
  • C: Centre
  • I: Inboard
  • O: Outboard
  • U: Upper
  • L: Lower
  • 1,2,3 etc
  • 1 to n.
  • V, 1 to n. (V-engines)
  • AT: Attached
  • YT: Portable


  • HPA: High Pressure ahead
  • IPA: Intermediate pressure ahead
  • IPS: Intermediate pressure astern
  • LPA: Low pressure

Drilling Platforms

  • UL: Propulsion room
  • CN: column
  • BD: Box girder


  • ME: Main engine
  • AE: Auxiliary engine

Space / compartment

  • MM: Engine room
  • ER: Engine room floor
  • RM: Engine room platform
  • AR: Auxiliary engine room
  • BR: Boiler room
  • CR: Compressor room
  • EL: Electric motor room
  • SR: Stabilizer room
  • ST: Sidethruster room
  • HR: Hydraulic aggregate room
  • SG: Steering gear room
  • PX: Pump room
  • VY: Void space
  • NN: Pipe tunnel
  • FX: Forecastle
  • TX: Tank
  • WT: Wing tank
  • CT: Centre tank
  • TW: Tween deck
  • CX: Cofferdam
  • HX: Hold
  • HO: Deck house
  • DE: Deck
  • UN: Shaft tunnel
  • CH: Chain locker
  • BT: Bow thruster room
  • PD: Production deck


How to ...

Print out a class status report:

  • 'Select Vessel', and click on the vessel name of interest.
  • 'Class Status Report', select the items to appear in the report by clicking in the 'tick-off' boxes, them click on 'Preview' button
  • The class status report should then be displayed on the screen and can be printed from your browser. See help on Printing Pages
View a DNV checklist to prepare for a survey:
  • 'Select Vessel', and click on the vessel name of interest.
  • 'Class Status' and select (click on ) the 'Surveys' tab
  • Click on the survey name for which you wish to prepare.
  • In the lower frame the checklists applicable for the survey will then be listed in the lower frame.
  • Choose by clicking on the name of the relevant checklists and it will be displayed on screen. See help on Printing Pages
  • After viewing use mouse to right-click anywhere in the checklist and select 'Back' to return to the list of surveys and checklists.
ChecklistsfromDescriptions.jpg (13649 bytes)
See any Conditions of class on a vessel and view their content:
  • 'Select Vessel', and click on the vessel name of interest. (Whether any Conditions Exist on a vessel may be seen by the indicator lamp by 'Conditions' If is grey then no overall due status for conditions exists, otherwise the status of conditions for that vessel may be seen by the coloured lamp.
  • 'Class Status' and select (click on ) the 'CC/MO' tab
  • Click on the CC Number of interest
  • In the lower frame the text of that condition of class will be displayed.
How to include conditions of class or continuous machinery in the graphical survey schedule:
  • 'Select Vessel', and click on the vessel name of interest.
  • 'Survey Schedule'
  • Click on 'Change Selection'
  • Tick off 'CC/CA. Include conditions' and/or 'CMS...' as required
  • Click on the button 'Select'.
SurveyScheduleCCs.jpg (12498 bytes)
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