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DNV GL ID: 32143 IMO No: 9520974
Operational Status: In Operation Class Relation: Post Class

  SummaryDimensions Classification Registry Hull Summary Machinery Summary Yard Owner

Flag: Liberia Signal Letters: D5JN5  
Owner: Chijin Shipping S.A. GT (ITC 69): 32,305
(10084216)   (LRF / Company identification no: 1199587) NT (ITC 69): 19,458
Manager: Union Marine Management Services Pte. Ltd. DWT: 58,470
(10111222)   (LRF / Company identification no: 5659188)
DocHolder: Union Marine Management Services Pte. Ltd.
(10111222)   (LRF / Company identification no: 5659188)
Yard: Tsuneishi Group (Zhoushan) Shipbuilding Inc. (SS-076) Year of Build: 2011
Type: 360 - Bulk Carrier Sister Vessels
Rule regime: Ships
Vessel shape: Monohull ship
Class Notation:
1A1 Bulk carrier BC(A) BIS COAT-PSPC(B) CSR E0 ESP Grab(20 t) Holds(2,4)may be empty TMON
Register Information: MLC
Other DNV GL Services: ISSC,SMC
Dual Class: Nippon Kaiji Kyokai

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