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DNV GL ID: 32460 IMO No: 9575474
Operational Status: In Operation Class Relation: In DNV GL Class

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Flag: Marshall Islands Signal Letters: V7ZH3  
Owner: POS MARITIME VZ S.A. GT (ITC 69): 199,959
(10121527)   (LRF / Company identification no: 5689482) NT (ITC 69): 77,072
Manager: Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Hong Kong) Ltd. DWT: 374,400
(180169)   (LRF / Company identification no: 1135348)
Yard: STX Dalian Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (1704) Year of Build: 2012
Type: 380 - Ore Carrier Sister Vessels
Rule regime: Ships
Vessel shape: Monohull ship
Class Notation:
1A1 Ore carrier(ES(O)) BIS BWM(E(s)) E0 EL(2) ESP IB-3 NAUTICUS(Newbuilding) TMON
Register Information:
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Dual Class: Korean Register of Shipping

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