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DNV ID: 16314 IMO No: 8910134
Operational Status: In Operation Class Relation: In DNV Class

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Flag: Belize Signal Letters: V3NE9  
Owner: Navigation Shipping Line Limited GT (ITC 69): 11,433
(10130577)   (LRF / Company identification no: 5735315) NT (ITC 69): 4,766
Manager: Elegant Ship Management & Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd DWT: 17,071
(10121596)   (LRF / Company identification no: 5693547)
DocHolder: Not ISM/ISPS Certified by DNV
Yard: Astilleros De Sestao,S.R.L. (101775) Year of Build: 1991
Type: 105 - Tanker for Oil and Chemicals Sister Vessels
Rule regime: Ship
Vessel shape: Monohull ship
Class Notation: 1A1 ICE-1A(for max draught 8.0 m) Tanker for Chemicals and Oil ESP E0
Register Information: Ship type 2, ss,a2,b3,c3,f2,k,v3,str 0.1 ERS bis
Other DNV Services: ERS
Dual Class:

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