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DNV ID: 29210 IMO No: 9384198
Operational Status: In Operation Class Relation: Not in DNV Class

  SummaryDimensions Classification Registry Hull Summary Machinery Summary Yard Owner

Flag: Liberia Signal Letters: A8NA7  
Owner: Vela International Marine Ltd. GT (ITC 69): 162,252
(174526)   (LRF / Company identification no: 1376181) NT (ITC 69): 111,896
Manager: Vela International Marine Ltd. DWT: 319,430
(174526)   (LRF / Company identification no: 1376181)
DocHolder: Vela International Marine Ltd.
(174526)   (LRF / Company identification no: 1376181)
Yard: Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. (103840) Year of Build: 2008
Type: 101 - Tanker for Oil <No Sister Vessels>
Rule regime: Ship
Vessel shape: Monohull ship
Class Notation:
Register Information:
Other DNV Services: ISSC,SMC
Other Class: Lloyd's Register of Shipping

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